Hearing aids can be an expensive item and it is really important that you are happy with the aids that you choose and they perform well depending of course on the limitations of your hearing loss. At Sally White Audiology we are a completely independent practice this means we do not use preferred suppliers or only a few limited brands. Instead we ensure that you get the hearing aids that best suit your hearing loss, are tested to ensure they match the amount of amplification you need and will give good on going service. All hearing aids are available on trial for a maximum of 60 days. At the end of the trial should you decide not to keep the hearing aid it can be returned and you will be repaid the purchase price less any ear mould costs and a small fee for our time.

If you have hearing loss in both ears, two hearing aids will normally be recommended. Two hearing aids will admittedly be more expensive than one will give better hearing. Research shows that two hearing aids give better hearing in background noise, allows a person to localise sound and generally give a more natural sound quality. Most importantly wearing only one hearing aid results in the unaided ear gradually losing the ability to understand speech.


  • Although the audologist will of course see that you have a hearing aid that is appropriate for your level of hearing loss, you need to consider other costs too like batteries for example. Very small aids take very small batteries that only last for a few days, a fractionally larger aid may be a better option with a larger battery that lasts a lot longer.

  • How long is the warranty on the hearing aid and can you buy and extended warranty if you prefer? Nearly all hearing aids have a two year warranty by some have three years. The average cost of hearing aid repairs is often around $300 so buying an extra year or two year warranty may be a very good idea.

  • All hearing aids should be insured for accidental loss or damage. When you are fitted with your hearing aids you will receive an insurance valuation. Please make sure the aids are insured once you leave our premises. ACC no longer covers any insurance excesses so check what your policy offers.

  • Will the hearing aid be compatible with other devices e.g. Bluetooth TV connections and do you have to buy extra items to have this compatibility.

  • What level of technology are the hearing aids you are buying? What free appointments and other deals are available with the more high tech hearing aids.

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