Hearing instruments are very susceptible to damage from moisture which can come from wearing the hearing aid, the environment, humidity or rain.

By keeping your aids clean and dry and by following the tips below, this will help increase the life span of your hearing instruments and reduce the cost of repairs.

 TIP #1

Ensure that the device is kept away from significant moisture. Most modern hearing aids have a coating to protect it from water and debris; however, they should not be exposed to a significant amount of either of these elements for any prolonged period of time.

 TIP #2

Clean the hearing instruments daily with the brushes provided in the hearing instrument care kit.

 TIP #3

Overnight ensure that the hearing instruments are stored in a dry aid kit.

 TIP #4

All hearing instruments come with a user guide, this will provide you with very detailed information specific to the hearing instruments you have purchased, and will allow you to wholly benefit from your new hearing instruments



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